Connect with other families who have similar interests and activities.

You are a parent

Save an hour a day

Reliable and user-friendly

Koalift makes it easy for parents within the same school, club, and other youth movement to connect with other families and get organized.

Easy and tailor-made

Koalift adapts to your needs and helps you organize rides with other parents in just a few clicks.

Efficient and optimal

By simplifying ridesharing, Koalift helps you reduce the number of your trips and optimize your time.


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Koalift helps you easily organize and share your children's journeys within communities of trust...
and what's more, it's free!

Join your community

Register on Koalift and join schools, clubs and other activities your children are enrolled in. If your community is not on the list, contact us and we'll do what is necessary.

Complete your preferences

Once registered, complete your profile then publish your needs and preferences in a few clicks: when are you available to drive, when do you need help, how many seats, ...

Meet each other

Thanks to the interactive map, discover and locate new parents in these trusted communities! Get in touch with them, send private messages and create your trusted bubble.

And then...? Let yourself be guided...

Create private Bubbles with your friends and new acquaintances. Publish travel requests to a Community, and react to your friends' travel alerts in your Bubbles. Koalift takes care of the rest to make your life easier.

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